We deliver Face-to-Face and Virtual Immunisation training.

In-house training available. Please Email for a quote.

Flu Training, Occupational Health and adult/child immunisation updates available for 2023

If you only deliver Flu vaccines, Occupational health or adult vaccines, these bespoke update courses may be more appropriate for you. Please note New immunsiers' (2-day) Foundation (one-off) course must have been completed previously.

Our services

Based in Northamptonshire, Immunisations UK Ltd offer Immunisation Training and Specialist Immunisation Nurse Services at competitive prices.

In line with government recommendations, all vaccinators should receive Annual (1 day) update Immunisation Training, and all new immunisers require a 2-day Introduction to Immunisations course, based on Public Health England (2018) National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Registered Healthcare Practitioners and PHE (2015) The National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Healthcare Support Workers.

With strong links to UK Health & Security Agency – UKHSA (formerly Public Health England – PHE), Immunisations UK Ltd will provide Immunisation Training and Specialist Immunisation Nursing skills/advise based on the most up to date research and Department of Health recommendations.

What We Offer

Our friendly team of staff offer Immunisations training and the Specialist Immunisation Nurse expertise to advise and to support medical and nursing staff in the safe and effective delivery of vaccinations to the local community in a timely fashion.

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Our Locations

We deliver training in Kettering

In house training available. Please Email for a quote.

Courses Available

New Immunisers’ (2-day) Foundation Course (£250+VAT):

13th & 14th November 2023 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
19th & 20th February 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
8th & 9th April 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
6th & 7th June 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
28th & 29th August 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
5th & 6th September 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
7th & 8th October 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
11th & 12th November 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)

HCA New Immunisers' (2 day) Foundation Course (£250+VAT)

9th & 10th May 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
30th September & 1st October 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)

New to Travel Health (2-day) Course (£250+VAT)

24th & 25th October 2023 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
2024 dates to be announced.

New to Flu - Immunisation Training (including Anaphylaxis) - (£150 + VAT)

17th September 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)

Child/Adult Annual Immunisation Update (£125+VAT)

1st November 2023 (F2F - Holiday Inn Express, Kettering)
29th November 2023 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
24th January 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
27th February 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
25th March 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
18th April 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
21st May 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
17th June 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
14th August 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
23rd September 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
15th October 2024 (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
5th November 2024 - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)

Annual Occupational Health Immunisation Update (Flu, Hep B, MMR, Varicella) - half day (£75 + VAT):

17th October 2023 - pm session (1.15pm - 5pm) (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
20th May 2024 -am session (08.45am-12.30pm) (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
18th October 2024 - am session (08.45am-12.30pm) (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)

Annual Immunisation Update (Flu/Pneumo/Shingles/Covid-19) - half day (£75 + VAT):

17th October 2023 - am session (08.45am-12.30pm) (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
22nd May 2024 - am session (08.45am-12.30pm) (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)
17th October 2024 - am session (08.45-12.30pm) (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)

Annual Flu/COVID-19 (including Anaphylaxis) + BLS Update - 9am-5pm (£150 + VAT)

2024 dates to be announced.

Travel Health Update (1/2 day) 1pm-5pm (£75+VAT)

25th September 2024 - 12.45pm-5pm - (Virtual - Microsoft TEAMS)

All Courses

  • Time: 9.30-16.30
  • Parking: Free and on-site
  • Refreshments & lunch: included
  • Certificate of Attendance provided

Our Training Team

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