Training Courses

Injection being administeredAt Immunisations UK our training is based on Public Health England, (2018) “National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners” and “The National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training of Healthcare Support Workers” (PHE, 2015).

  • New Immunisers’ Foundation training – minimum of two days (new immunisers).
  • Annual updates – must be provided for and attended by those who have completed the foundation training.
All courses include Anaphylaxis training.
  • Full day – 7 CPD hours

In-house Training

In-house Immunisation Training is also available, please refer to terms of business for in house training. Email Hannah for more information

In-house Training Testimonials

 “Very comprehensive programme, improved my confidence and knowledge”
 “Excellent training, very good trainer/presenter”
 “Trainer answered all questions effectively and knowledgeably”
 “Friendly and knowledgeable trainer”
 “Very informative, professional and helpful trainer”
 “Excellent training, well delivered”
 “Brilliant, should have had it sooner”
 “Exceeded my expectations”

New Immunisers’ (2 day) Foundation Training (£200+VAT)

New immunisers 2 day basic training course: £200+VAT

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

All training is delivered by an Immunisation Specialist Nurse and in line with PHE (2018) National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners.

Course content covers the following core areas of knowledge:

  1. The aims of immunisation: national policy and schedules
  2. The immune system and how vaccines work
  3. Vaccine preventable diseases
  4. The different types of vaccines used and their composition
  5. Current issues and controversies regarding immunisation
  6. Communicating with patients and parents
  7. Legal aspects of vaccination
  8. Storage and handling of vaccines
  9. Correct administration of vaccines
  10. Anaphylaxis and other adverse events
  11. Documentation, record keeping and reporting
  12. Strategies for improving immunisation rates

Foundation Training Testimonials

“Excellent training course, I learnt a lot about the childhood imms schedule & diseases they protect against.”
“Very knowledgeable and approachable (trainer). Able to answer all questions & discuss pertinent issues”
“excellent venue. Lovely lunch.”
“Definitely (recommend the course) – Extremely comprehensive course.”
“Thank you Hannah, it has been an excellent 2 days and I feel much more confident to approach childhood imms.”
“good explanations and felt happy to ask a question again if unsure.”
“looking forward to update next year.”

Healthcare Support Workers: New Immunisers (2 Day) Foundation Training (£200+VAT)

This bespoke immunisation training for Health Care Assistants (HCAs) is based on the “National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training of Healthcare Support Workers” (PHE, 2015).: £200+VAT

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Health care support workers (HCWS) New Immunisers Foundation Training aims to ensure that all HCSWs engaging in any aspect of immunisation are trained to:

  1. Provide accurate and up-to-date information about relevant diseases and vaccines to their patients
  2. Consult a registered healthcare professional when further information is required for the patient’s needs
  3. Ensure their practice is safe and effective – evidence based and in line with RCN and PHE guidance
  4. Give a high standard of care – best practice as per NICE, RCN and PHE guidance
  5. Demonstrate competency in administration of intranasal flu vaccine (children only), inactivated injectable influenza, pneumococcal and Shingles vaccinations to adults – competency framework provided
  6. Demonstrate competency in recognition and management of anaphylaxis and basic life support
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate management of adverse reactions
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of their role and its limitations

Foundation Training Testimonials

“The training more than exceeded my expectations”
“Very knowledgeable and informative trainer”
“Excellent trainer, felt very comfortable asking questions”
“I feel I have learnt a lot over a short period of time”
“Thoroughly enjoyable”
“Very interesting and informative”
“We were able to ask lots of questions”
“The trainer explained everything in a good manner”

New to Travel Health (2 day) Course (£250+VAT)

Suitable for those new to travel health or nurses who require a recap/ formal training.

Training delivered by a Travel Health Specialist Nurse and in line with

RCN (2018) Competencies: Travel Health Nursing: Career and competence development.

Course content:

  • Risk assessment in the travel health consultation
  • Resources
  • Malaria – disease and prevention & other insect borne risks
  • Travel Vaccines – indications, schedules, last minute travellers

Training Testimonials

“Very engaging, exceeded expectations”

“Really enjoyable and informative – lots of new info”

“Excellent course, fantastic trainer! Would absolutely recommend this course.”

“so good to have information on illnesses/vaccinations and access to resources i wasn’t aware of”.

“key point – CONFIDENCE”

“The trainer was very knowledgeable, would 100% recommend the course.”

“the trainer was helpful and informative, there were opportunities to ask questions throughout the 2 days.”

“Excellent access to resources and where to access advice if unsure.”

Annual Update (£100+VAT)

Annual updates available: 

  • 1 day Child/Adult Immunisation Updates (£100+VAT)
  • or 1 day Adult/OH Immunisation Update (£100+VAT)

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Course content:

  1. Current issues in vaccination
  2. Recent epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases
  3. Any changes to the National Immunisation Schedule
  4. Any changes to legislation relevant to vaccination
  5. Anaphylaxis recognition and management
  6. Review of current practice and identification of areas for improvement
  7. Q & A session for commonly encountered problems in practice

Annual Update Testimonials

“very knowledgeable and presented well. accommodated questions well.”
“ (I) feel more confident to restart immunisations for children. great course content.”
“I feel more confident and up to date.”
“(The trainer) very helpful and knowledgeable and shared own experiences.”
“Definitely (recommend the course) and would recommend annual updates.”
“very helpful and reassuring.”

Annual Flu Update including BLS and Anaphylaxis (£150+VAT)

Perfect for Agency nurses or staff who only deliver the influenza vaccination programme.
  • Course includes current influenza Flu plan (including disease awareness, adult and childhood flu vaccines).
  • Adult/Paediatric/Infant BLS and Choking
  • Anaphylaxis awareness

Training Testimonials

“Hannah and Katy lovely, made the course fun, interesting and very informative.”

“Definitely would recommend this course”

“The trainer was helpful and informative, especially in relation to practice.”

“Very well presented, best CPR update in years!”

Very clear information, suitable for all healthcare professionals.”

“Brilliant facilities, lovely lunch & easy parking.”

I would recommend this course 100% for anyone.”

The trainer was helpful…as always, answered all questions thoroughly and good demos.”

“good informative update, and lovely trainers.”


Travel Health update (1/2 day) – (£75+VAT)

This is a half day (1pm-5pm) travel health update for staff who currently deliver travel health advise and travel vaccinations.

Training delivered by a Travel Health Specialist Nurse and in line with

RCN (2018) Competencies: Travel Health Nursing: Career and competence development.

Cancellation Notice

Should you be unable to attend, please be advised that we operate a minimum 5 working day cancellation notice, with no charge. Should you fall outside this period, a cancellation charge of £75 will be made; alternatively, a suitable replacement delegate may be sent on discussion with the training provider.